Noosa Surfing

Noosa Surf School

Noosa is famous for its great surf spots.

The different locations offer good surf for both beginners and experienced surfers. The main beach is right next door to the hostel and the legendary bays in the National Park are just a short walk away.

Cant surf too well?. Dont worry ,Noosa is the absolute best place to learn to surf. Lessons are held every day and just see reception and we will help you out. Have a look below……

Noosa Surf Girl And that’s not even the best part. Get a FREE SURFBOARD whenever you want one!For a deposit you can get a great board that is perfect for getting your first hands on experience!
Noosa is Australia’s most beautiful surfing destination. Safe, gentle waves break in warm, waist deep water. The water is really blue and the sand is clean and white. Noosa Surf School Main Beach
Learn to Surf Noosa If you never have touched a board before there are lessons twice a day. And if you book them with us you get the best price you can find in whole Noosa!You learn in a relaxed, informal environment at your own pace.

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